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Are you looking to replace your flooring? If so, then you are familiar with luxury vinyl flooring. For good reason, this kind of flooring has become more and more popular in recent years! Luxurious vinyl flooring is reasonably priced, fashionable, and long-lasting. Rubber Floor Mat will cover all you need to know about luxury vinyl flooring in this blog article.

A Luxury Vinyl Floor: What Is It?

A product that blends the toughness of plastic with the beauty of hardwood is luxury vinyl flooring. Plank, tile, and sheet vinyl are among the several types and finishes available. The ability of luxury vinyl to imitate genuine wood at a far lower cost gave rise to its moniker.
The lengthy lifespan of premium vinyl flooring is one of its outstanding features. Indeed, a few individuals have mentioned that their vinyl flooring has endured for at least two decades! Additionally resistant to fading and scratches, vinyl flooring means you won’t have to worry about it deteriorating over time.

The Procedure for High-End Vinyl Flooring

The majority of luxury vinyl tile floors, if not all of them, have five layers or more. In essence, this keeps the floor flexible and thin while still being strong and watertight. The top layer of the floor is a clear protective covering with stain- and scratch-guarding technology. The superior design layer, which lies underneath this layer specifically, gives the product a smooth, realistic look.
This design layer now shows you an image of the flooring type, so you may choose between stone or wood. The opulent flooring’s remaining layers are composed of impact- and moisture-resistant core layers, fiber-glass sheets, and layers that are resistant to moisture.

What Advantages Do High-End Vinyl Flooring Offer?


This kind of flooring is perfect for any area in the house with a lot of water because of its waterproof technology. If laminate flooring isn’t your thing, you might perhaps want to have a look at our excellent assortment of water- and waterproof-resistant laminate flooring.

Simple to Keep Up

The natural materials that luxury vinyl tile may be created to resemble, such as stone and hardwood floors, are known to require a great deal of upkeep to keep them looking and feeling beautiful. Thankfully, luxury vinyl tile is simple to maintain and clean! All you have to do is vacuum on a regular basis and remove spills and scuff marks with a moist towel (either paper or cloth).


Pets frequently experience problems with wood and laminate floors in particular since these materials are not the best for their little paws. When it comes to laminate flooring, cats and dogs can frequently slide across it and throw them off balance. The floor may also be damaged and scratched by this. But with luxury vinyl flooring, you may enjoy the surface with your Beagle puppy, Jasper, as well as everyone else because of its anti-slip qualities and scratch-resistant technology.


Do you like hardwood floors, but your estimate is so high that it’s making your head spin? You only need to look into luxury vinyl tile, which is a far more affordable alternative that offers the same elegance for a lot smaller price. Since hardwood flooring often costs five to ten times more than vinyl flooring, it is a better choice for homeowners on a tight budget or for those who need to cover a wide area.
Luxury vinyl planks are not only less expensive, but they are also rather simple for the typical homeowner to install themselves, saving money on the expense of hiring an installation professional. When compared to other flooring materials like tile, where you additionally need to buy extra supplies like grout, you’ll also save money.

Easy Of Removal

The last thing you probably want to think about after installing your new flooring or having it professionally done is taking it out. However, we must take into account the simplicity of removal in the event that you decide to alter your flooring in the future or perhaps need to repair a damaged tile.
It is simple to remove the entire floor with a click and lock. To change a single tile, though, you will have to take out the entire row in order to do so.
Glue Down: The entire floor is difficult to remove. One tile is difficult to remove and replace.
Loose Lay: The entire floor may be easily removed. Individual tiles are simple to change and remove.
Luxury Vinyl Flooring provider Rubber Floor Mat offers vinyl floor tiles and laminate flooring throughout Dubai. For commercial vinyl flooring solutions in Dhabi and other Middle Eastern cities, get in touch with us. We provide a large range of flooring options. Vinyl composite tile, laminate vinyl, linoleum flooring, woven vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, homogeneous flooring, and heterogeneous flooring are among our range of options. Contact us if you have any questions or need any help.
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